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The Woodlands/Spring/Houston Community? [05 Jun 2014|10:37am]

Name: Chelsea
Age: 21
Location: The Woodlands
Style: sweet lolita, classic lolita

I was wondering if this was still a pretty active community for Texas lolis or if there was a more recent one? I'd love to be an active member to the community because I am recently starting all over after leaving lolita about 6 years ago. I'm fairly close to Houston (about 30-45 minutes) where I assume more meet ups would occur.

Please let me know if you are near to me or if you have any advice on ways to start/start over into lolita!

Thank you :)
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Anyone near Odessa/Midland? [12 Apr 2014|04:09pm]
Hey guys! :D Ive been looking into making myself a dress and recently got my first Bodyline order in! :D I tend to lean more towards punk loli than anything... So coords can be pretty irritating to put together! D: I have to resew a lot of my stuff and cant risk going out of my way for big name brands like AaTP (though they are AMAZING! <3) or baby.. ;-; I know there have been a few mentions of people near Dallas/San Antonio... Is anyone near Midland or Odessa? I feel so alone down here! Ive also never been to an anime convention... I saw someone talking about one in dallas? Any tips on getting there around school and work? :/

-please forgive my newbieness. <3
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Calling all lolitas around Corpus Christi, Texas [10 Sep 2013|01:32pm]

There have been a few times that I have seen posts go up here of people asking about lolitas in Corpus Christi and the surrounding area. Often times this question is met with the suggestion of going to San Antonio or Austin. I think Victoria has been suggested before too. I have some good news for those of us in the Corpus Christi area. There are several of us here and for that reason I started up a community for us here on LiveJournal. I hope that you all will join me there and perhaps we can make Corpus an active community. <---Here’s the link. I hope to see you soon.
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EGL skirts for sale! [30 Jun 2013|05:25pm]

I am selling 2 EGl skirts!

EGL skrits here!!Collapse )
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Lolita Tea Party at AllCon 2013 [31 Dec 2012|12:18pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]


I am testing the water to see if there is any interest here in Dallas for a Lolita Tea Party at AllCon 2013.


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Waco Area Lolita [28 Dec 2012|11:37am]

Oh, I hope this community is still active a bit!

I just recently moved to Waco, TX. I don't know anyone here, and I certainly don't know any lolitas!
I love to visit Austin and the D/FW area whenever I can, so feel free to message me if you live in either of those places or anywhere in between!

I've been interested in lolita fashion for as long as I can remember, but I started wearing it about five years ago. I like old school, gothic, and classic styles the best.
I am a lolita on a budget so I've yet to grab a brand dress, but my closet is growing with offbrand beauties!

I'm rarely on livejournal, so if you'd like to talk to me, my Tumblr would be your best bet! You can find it on my profile. :3
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Hellooo! :3 [22 Oct 2012|12:10am]
[ mood | excited ]

Hi my name is Rosie and I'm 17 and live in McKinney tx :) I'm looking for another Lolita to hang out, dress up with, maybe go to a tea room or mall, etc.  :D 

If you're interested add me on Facebook or email me at  
My Facebook is 

Hope to hear from you soon! Xoxoxoxo :3 


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Hello! ^_^ [03 Oct 2012|06:35am]

[ mood | nervous ]

My name is Cecily! ^_^ I am 22 years old and from Tyler. I've only just recently started lolita and would like to find a loli-buddy in the area. I have yet to see someone dress in lolita outside of the Dallas area, and I really don't want to have to go two hours away for meet ups and such... I hope I am not the only one here in town! :O

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Nightmare Before Christmas Lolita dress [16 Sep 2012|02:37pm]

One of my favorite mvoes is Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas, last night I found a apron that is designed to look like Jack's suit.  I asked milkwhitegirl to see if she could make me this apron plus turn the second one into a lolita styled dress for me.  I am very excited to see how this will turn out with sleeves and a whit e ruffle trim at hte bottom with a bell like shape to it.

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Looking for friends. [04 Sep 2012|10:47am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

My name is Sophie and I recently moved to El Paso, TX.´`) I am 19 years old, and a full time student at El Paso Community College. I am recently married to a Soldier in the US Army, and we're just starting out on our own.
While I have been an avid follower of lolita for years, I recently started to purchase dresses and clothing. I would really love to have some new friends to love lolita with!

Here's my facebook:

My tumblr:

 I can't wait to get to know everyone!~ ( ヮ゚)

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Bodyline Sale!!! [03 Sep 2012|08:32pm]

I checked the site Bodyline last night and discovered they were having a sale and I was able to buy three pieces for only $77 with shipping, I'm very excited.  Was sad cause I got out bidded on Ebay for the dresses I wanted but now this makes up for it since I have two outfits I can mix and match to my other clothes.  They have very cute print skirts for only $20-27 right now and some stuff is still on sale!  I would post a picture but the ones from their site sadly won't work.

In case any one wants to see the pieces I bought here are the links, I wanted an opinion pn what another lolita thinks about if the shirt L286 and the skirt L2276 wuld look okay together?

The shirt


Jumperskirt with blouse
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Looking for Friends [27 Aug 2012|10:47pm]

Hello my name is Samantha but I like to go by Sammi, I'm 25 and I've been married for 2 1/2 years now and I'm new to live journal.  I live in Beeville Tx and I havn't seen any other Lolita's so it's lonely.  I have been dressing gothic lolita/victorian/punk for the past 10 years!  I'm hoping to find other Lolita's in my area!  I will be going to Realms Con in Corpus this year would like to see others there.  I'm also trying to find some lolita shops here in Tx. 
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[16 Jul 2012|05:40pm]


Hello everyone~

My name is Sophie. I am soon moving to the El Paso area. Just wondering if there are any fellow Lolis around? :3

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Texas Tea Party!- Repost from egl~ [12 Jul 2012|03:45pm]

Originally posted by thelonebamf at Texas Tea Party!
Read more...Collapse )
*Thank you, Cat, for the adorable banner!
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Hello [14 Jun 2012|04:47am]

Hello everyone, I'm what i guess you could call a "male closeted gothic (lolita)" in a way :) i don't know much of this site or this community but i hope i can make some friends here i currently reside just outside the dallas area. and i guess probably the only male lolita here? lol anyway I'll give out contact information for those who would like to know me more.

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[29 May 2012|12:36am]

Are there any meetup plans for Project A-Kon this weekend in Dallas?  Most years we seem to have something going from the comms, but this year I haven't heard a peep.
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calling for Lolitas [20 May 2012|07:04pm]

we host greatest event ever!

Sales event,Fashion show,Best of Lolita,Live
please come and enjoy!

more info?
check it out!
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Hello, everyone! [18 Apr 2012|10:10am]

My name is Michele and I am recently getting involved within the Lolita communities! So many lovely people! I am very excited to become a part of this ever-growing community. Passion for fashion~

Anyways, I am 19 and I live with my girlfriend Savannah. I'm very friendly and I love to help people with whatever I can. However, I tend to be a bit of a recluse and I'm skeptical of a lot of people. 'Tis a flaw. I have a real knack and love for the piano. I also love to draw (but I am too shy to show my drawings off). I've always kind of been a "casual" Lolita, but I am going to be using my wondrous tax return for a shopping spree... +__+ I am really excited to go to some of the meets coming up too! I prefer Kuro/Aristocrat/Hime/Gothic/Classic Lolita styles, though maybe one day I'll find some Ama that will look good on me. I also want to try making my own clothing for it too. n.n Looks like a lot of fun.

I cosplay outside of Lolita and my normal social life, and I usually make my own costumes. You can see my cosplay here: I also use Tumblr, and you can totally follow me here: I have a Facebook too, but I am very careful to who I add, so if you find me, please send me a message telling me who you are or I won't accept the request!
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Lolita in Kingsville! [30 Dec 2011|01:09pm]

[ mood | bored ]

Hello one and all. My name is Penny/Ynnep. I wanted to know if there are any other Lolita in the Kingsville area of South Texas. or South Texas all together! As far as I know, I am the only one aside from 1-2 other part timers. It is quite lonely. While everyone that sees my Lolita fashion loves it, no one else is doing it. That I know of. If there are any others, please speak up. Thank you.
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Intro and Meet-up Discussion [16 Dec 2011|07:53pm]


My name is Tricky and I am from the Austin area. I just recently got a new lj, so if my name sounds familiar, I used to be trickyfrog~ I'd love to make some more lolita friends here on lj or in person~ Friends are always win~

I wanted to ask the Dallas area lolitas about having a meet with the Austin lolis. Us Austin lolis planned on coming up next year in January, February, or March to meet you ladies, go to the fabric district, hit up the purikura machines, and possibly do some shopping (omg, I want to go to h&m :D )! 

If you are in the Dallas area, please let me know if you have any sort of preference on which month might be the best month for you~! We'd be coming up on a Saturday and it would be a day trip only~

Thank you, ladies~!
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