sercus13 (sercus13) wrote in texas_lolis,

Bodyline Sale!!!

I checked the site Bodyline last night and discovered they were having a sale and I was able to buy three pieces for only $77 with shipping, I'm very excited.  Was sad cause I got out bidded on Ebay for the dresses I wanted but now this makes up for it since I have two outfits I can mix and match to my other clothes.  They have very cute print skirts for only $20-27 right now and some stuff is still on sale!  I would post a picture but the ones from their site sadly won't work.

In case any one wants to see the pieces I bought here are the links, I wanted an opinion pn what another lolita thinks about if the shirt L286 and the skirt L2276 wuld look okay together?

The shirt


Jumperskirt with blouse
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