faloofay156 (faloofay156) wrote in texas_lolis,

Anyone near Odessa/Midland?

Hey guys! :D Ive been looking into making myself a dress and recently got my first Bodyline order in! :D I tend to lean more towards punk loli than anything... So coords can be pretty irritating to put together! D: I have to resew a lot of my stuff and cant risk going out of my way for big name brands like AaTP (though they are AMAZING! <3) or baby.. ;-; I know there have been a few mentions of people near Dallas/San Antonio... Is anyone near Midland or Odessa? I feel so alone down here! Ive also never been to an anime convention... I saw someone talking about one in dallas? Any tips on getting there around school and work? :/

-please forgive my newbieness. <3
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